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Miranda’s career in Microblading began just last year. She had been a part of the beauty and cosmetic industry since 2013 working in Salons throughout the lower mainland. After discovering what microblading was, she was instantly hooked and became obsessed with researching and learning all about the process. It wasn’t long before she left the Hair Industry behind and was learning and working as a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist . After carefully choosing an artist’s work that she admired, she decided to learn the procedure and start her new chapter. She received her training from the Microbeauty Training Academy in 2018 and it’s been all about brows ever since!

Having worked as a professional Hairstylist for 5 years, she gained an excellent understanding of the symmetry and balance of the face. As well as the ability to build trust with her clients to calm their nerves and feel at ease when making a change to their look.

Miranda loves to create natural-looking brows that compliment the beautiful, unique features of each individual. The reveal for her is just as exciting as it is for her clients, she loves to see the confidence and smiles that come when each client sees their new brows!

Miranda truly enjoys what she does by being able to help women achieve an improved levels of confidence that benefits them in their daily lives.