• "Mariah was awesome, you can tell that she really wants you to succeed in microblading, she always explained things in great details including on why she does her technique and she lets you practice/handle the live models just like how you should be handling your own client in the future. Listen to what the client's goal is. She's very meticulous on how every procedure should be done including on how you should set up your tray prior to the procedure and after, making sure that there no cross-contamination. I love that she is there and helpful when you have questions too. Love her. Thank you Mariah!"

  • "The 3-day Microblading Technician Course was perfect and I left feeling confident and excited to start my new career! Mariah was great explaining things and was very patient to make sure I understand everything perfectly. Highly recommend taking her course if you prefer smaller or one-on-one training."

  • Amazing!! I took this course and it was fabulous. Detailed, precise very intricate work taught by Mariah @ MicroBeauty. She made sure you understood every step, the one-to-one teaching makes it very personal and professional on a relaxed and sterile environment. If you are thinking of taking this course, I highly recommend MicroBeauty you will not be disappointed.

  • I wanted to thank you again for giving me the opportunity to take your microblading course. You were very professional, kind and knowledgeable! Even though the course was for 3 days, I learned so much in that time with the theory section, the live models we worked on and the one you had demonstrated on as well. Before I came across your training, I had researched and looked into A LOT of othercourses but yours stood out to me. After taking your course, I fully understood why. You provided a very warm and calm environment, your detailed manual went over everything we needed to know and it was easy to understand and it was fun and interactive. I also really liked how it was a small class size because you were able to give the attention we needed, check in on us and overall comfort knowing you were there instead of being 1 teacher to 4+ students. I am not the best at writing emails but I could not stop raving to everyone how amazing your course was and how great of a teacher you were. If I came across anyone that wants to start into microblading, without a doubt I would tell them to go to you and no where else.

    Again, thank you for this wonderful start into my microblading journey it has given me a lot of confidence to go on my own! 😊





As a micropigmentation technician, you have the satisfaction of bringing out a clients internal confidence by giving them the brows, lips, freckles and eyeliner they’ve always wanted.  You also have the potential to build a highly profitable career by offering these innovative services. Tools and products needed for the treatments are inexpensive; therefore, technician’s who possess the right skills are rewarded the most. During  training at MicroBeauty Studio, you will learn these skills, how to market them and price your services accordingly.
Estimated Earnings
all numbers are aproximate and may vary depending on clientele, location, marketing and tips are not included.

Average cost of a procedure

Weekly income: based on 8 clients per week


Annual Income: (Tips are not Included)
Permanent Makeup is one of the hottest trends today and is gaining in popularity.  Learn the skills to help women feel empowered with beautiful smudge proof makeup.
This training is ideal for individuals who strive for perfection in their job.  Since micropigmentation procedures are semi-permanent, every step from pre drawing the ideal design your your client to executing the final result requires extra attention, care and most of all skill.  For the individual who is willing to invest in learning the proper techniques the rewards for the job are very fulfilling.

MicroBeauty training programs will give you the most comprehensive and broad knowledge of Cosmetic Tattooing.  These programs will teach you the skills and techniques YOU NEED to produce the most natural looking results.  You will learn the complete process of this incredible form of art, from which needles/blades are suitable for each method all the way through to colour customization and the selection of pigments that are best suited for the treatment area that will produce the most sought after results.  Get the extended hands-on practical training and further in-depth theoretical procedures. You will learn micropigmentation inside and out and gain the confidence you need to begin your exciting new career.  Learn all of my personal techniques that create the beautiful results you see on my website and Instagram.  I encourage personal style but am happy to teach you the techniques that I have perfected over the years of my cosmetic tattooing career. 

When searching for the right academy or institute to invest in, it is crucial to do your homework.  Although there are many choices out there, choose the one that is best for you.  The theory behind these services can be taught by anyone.  The art however, cannot.  I can’t stress enough how important it is to see photos of your INSTRUCTORS work.